Computer Repairs Petrie is your fast, friendly, local laptop and desktop computer repairs centre. For laptop repairs or computer repairs, or notebook repairs for Apple, PC or Microsoft.

No techno-babble, just plain spoken English to get straight to what you need. You can expect to speak with someone who knows their stuff, who can understand you and can be understood.

Technogeek Petrie Computer Repairs provides on-site services throughout Brisbane Northside metropolitan area. If you need repairs to your home or office, contact us for great prices and fast response-times!


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Here is a some of the service we provide all residential and business users. Click on ALL SERVICES tab in images to see everything we can do for you.

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We can add fans to cool your pc

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We get it, we know that price matters. We know that there are loads of options online where you can find virtually anything. We also know that service also matters and that most people are happy to support any business that provides good pricing and great service.

We are experts at repairing broken screens. Whether you’ve got a laptop, a MacBook or a PC All in One our techs are experts as repairing broken or cracked screens.

Backups should be stored in 3 different places. Your computer! The cloud! An external DETACHED drive.
Computers store some of our most prized possessions and information. Could be a thesis, a book, photos, videos, important business information and emails. But like anything, a computer can fail. A power surge, a faulty harddrive, some random thing happening or someone or something could attack you. Viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware infections are more common than colds. We are constantly bombarded by emails telling us to click on this link or that image or open this document and they are potential virus or malware threats that can affect your computer. Opening just one of these has the potential for corrupting your information or encrypting it so that you cannot access it unless you pay someone a ransom fee to get access back to your information.
Here is where we can help. We can establish a proper backup routine so your information is in 3 places so if you do get hit or if your computer gets stolen or if your house or office burns down, your information is secure.

Technogeek is a well known and trusted PC repair center based at Kallangur. We provide an array of services ranging from Apple or PC desktop and laptop repairs, data recovery solutions, internet and email set up services, computer tech support and many more.
Our team consists of highly skilled and trained professionals who can effectively carry out various types of repairs using branded and quality parts. Our computer technicians are experts in all brands of PC repairs in Petrie servicing HP, Dell, Apple, Asus and more.
Our email and internet set up services can help residential and business users take advantage of various advanced features. Our experts can set up email accounts from existing ones or by creating new ones. We specialise in PC Protection with our own branded support services.

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